What my clients say…

I can safely say if I hadn’t gotten in contact with Dr. Lisa and followed her guidance and support, I don’t think I would be sitting here right now posting this testimonial.

I was sick for two years with severe digestive issues and had difficulty digesting my food. I lost a lot of weight I didn’t need to lose.  Medicine from my doctor didn’t help.

I have been following Dr. Lisa’s Wellness Program for the past two years. My digestive issues are much better, and I am able to add more and more foods to my diet.

My energy has improved, and I’m starting to gain weight. I no longer have to limit my activities to be near the closest bathrooms.

Thank you Dr. Lisa for guiding me back to wellness!

Linda H., Florida

By the time I met Dr. Lisa, I had gathered twelve years of health and wellness information from many sources and was in a complete state of information overload.  I knew a lot about health and wellness, but didn’t know how to put it all together to heal my body.

The sad part is that I became sicker as each year passed by until, finally, my health exploded into developing several autoimmune conditions. I was very angry, confused, sad and afraid of what would continue to happen to my health.

I’d often ask myself why I was so sick when I knew so much! Enter Dr. Lisa…   I knew I was in the right place just by listening to her,  and it’s been history ever since!

I’m an Internet skeptic and because of my skepticism, I was initially hesitant to use her. As we continued to converse during my first appointment, I made up my mind to go forward with her despite my skepticism. My spirit told me that I had the right person to work with to help me heal.

Dr. Lisa is the “real deal”.  She tells it like it is regarding health and wellness and offers excellent and accurate information. Most importantly, she is honest about her own wellness journey and her encouragement and empowerment is endless! She’s awesome!

Dr. Lisa has helped me rebuild my hope in healing my body. I am very happy to say that I am now healing; I’m not craving sugar, I’m eliminating regularly, sleeping better and my most debilitating autoimmune condition is now beginning to clear up.

I’m nearing the end of the one year wellness program and have already made up my mind to continue on with Dr. Lisa’s aftercare program.

Thank you, Dr. Lisa for helping me to recover and for helping me to believe that I no longer have to live in a perpetual state of sickness. I now know that I can live a VERY vibrant, healthy and happy life!

Rosie G., New York

“I’m so excited to be in the final steps of your program! I know that there is always going to be room for improvement, plus maintenance that I will do for the rest of my life. But I can’t tell you enough how much better I feel from a year ago!

I know I’m finally on the road to recovery and healing and that it’s a process, but I’m feeling young again and not old and achy! My energy is back as well. I couldn’t get out of bed before no matter how much I slept, and now it’s dramatically improved!

Thank you for your help!!! You are a blessing to me!!!”

– Kim M., Michigan

“I want to give a Big Thank You to Dr. Lisa for how she changed my life. With her Wellness Track™ Program I have enjoyed learning about all parts of my body and how to keep it healthy and clean.

I have been in her program over a year now and am doing very well. This is going on my second year in the program, and I am really learning a lot about my body and how to take care of myself.

Dr. Lisa is great support for me. The cleansing made my body feel great with more energy. Dr. Lisa continued to guide me even though I wanted to give up at times.

I highly recommend you work with Dr. Lisa to take back your life and feel great again.”

– Christella B., Florida

When Dr. Lisa said she keeps you on track with your new wellness plan, she is not kidding! Her passion comes from a heart of gold and a career full of experience! When you get off track, she knocks on your door and sets you straight. I love that about her because it is clear wisdom for women who are sick, confused, tired and stressed out from years of illness. It takes a strong, intelligent woman to help those who suffer from mental confusion, chronic illness or emotional imbalances get back into the path to wellness! Dr. Lisa is THAT woman – someone who cares and knows what she is doing all the way. I am so thankful she is my doctor and my friend! Her passion for each woman is unique and personalized. I am grateful!

Little did I know in taking Dr. Lisa’s Wellness Program that I would find myself feeling younger than I had in years! My friends tell me I look 10 years younger and I have to say, I have lost 28 lbs just eating ‘right’ and getting good rest, and I feel fantastic! She told me that my body would “bring me back to my natural weight” and she was so right! Now I know exactly what my body needs to feel this good and there is NO desire to return to my former state of high-level fatigue, hormone imbalances, malabsorption and mental incapacity! I could not remember much of anything!

My life is brand new again and I am ready to embrace all that I have dreamed of with vibrant health and a strong focus on self-care!

– Patricia H., Illinois


“I want to give a huge THANK YOU to Dr. Lisa for taking a personal interest in my health and well-being.  Without her insight and knowledge (which far exceeds anything I’ve read and investigated in the last 6 years of trying to work my way back to full health), I wouldn’t be well on my way to wellness and wholeness.

The cleanse was a challenge, but I feel that Dr. Lisa prepared me for it and then guided me through it.  There were some weeks when I had just “had enough,” and it was her coaching that kept me going – having the accountability that makes you take full responsibility for your body and how you are doing.

I would recommend Dr. Lisa and the Wellness Track™ Program to anyone that is looking to take the vital steps to take control of their health and well-being – she has the depth of knowledge, the experience and the ability to motivate you that you will need to get through to a better lifestyle and health.  With her help, it is possible to retake the control of your life.

– Beth Anne G.

“I cannot believe the changes in my life as well as my family as I progressed through Dr. Lisa’s Wellness Track™ Program. We really thought we were healthy and just needed to tweak what has been reported in the media as a healthy lifestyle. As I read each module, I implemented changes in our eating, drinking, and household. The allergies, bloated bellies, tired feelings, even grouchiness began to subside.

As we continued our journey and began adding back in certain foods or products after going through thecleansing process, we discovered problem foods that made our healthy lifestyle changes revert back for the worse!  We immediately noticed those uncomfortable, irritable symptoms sneaking back into our lives. We could easily identify what was unhealthy for each of us with Dr. Lisa’s guidance and were finally able to pinpoint exactly which foods we needed to avoid while we were healing.

We are learning each day and are forever grateful for what you are giving to us, Dr. Lisa–an amazing healthy life! 

– Dr. Bernadette B., Florida


leafI didn’t know why I felt so bad all the time. I was tired and achy, everything I ate made me nauseous, my eyes were itchy and red all the time, I just wanted to cry a lot. Dr. Lisa taught me so much about my health. I learned it was actually ME making myself sick. Now I feel great and can’t thank Dr. Lisa enough for all her help!” – B.G., Florida


leafI sort of crawled to Dr. Lisa with a bagful of prescription drugs. I hated them but didn’t know what else to do. Dr. Lisa warned me it would take some time to turn my health around but for the first time in years, I had hope after one session with her. I can’t say I was excited about the lifestyle changes I needed to make, but I was desperate.  Little by little, I was able to get off most of my meds because I was getting healthier and stronger.  Eventually, I hope to get rid of all of them.  Now I’m a health fanatic and drive my friends crazy with my new knowledge. Dr. Lisa is a miracle worker!” A.C., California


leafAt first I resisted everything Dr. Lisa said. Learning about how to live healthy was all new to me. I had been eating the wrong foods and doing the wrong things all my life but really didn’t know what to eat. Everything you read tells you something different, I was so confused. Dr. Lisa was patient with me and eventually, I started to learn what to do to feel like my old self again. And the best part is, I lost 52 pounds and found a husband!!” – N.T., Florida


leafI had been diagnosed with fibromyalgia and chronic fatigue and really felt like my life was over. I’d been to doctors all over the country and all they did was poke around, give me another prescription, and hand me a big bill. They said there was no cure for me and to rest and slow down. I could barely get out of bed in the morning or function during the day and every bone in my body hurt. Dr. Lisa was the first doc who told me I could get my life back and feel great again! It took some time and a lot of detoxing and lifestyle changes but today I feel vibrant and alive. I hop out of bed in the morning ready to greet the day! Dr. Lisa saved me from a life of living hell. Anyone out there who is feeling hopeless, see Dr. Lisa for your miracle!!” B.C., Canada


leafI had been on a steroid inhalers as long as I can remember for my asthma. When Dr. Lisa told me I had many allergies and digestive issues, that was news to me. Why hadn’t my medical doctor told me this? It took a while, but Dr. Lisa helped me figure out my triggers.  I really wondered if she knew what she was talking about but somehow everything she said started to make sense. I no longer use my inhaler, I can breathe, and I continue learning how to be healthy. Dr. Lisa showed me the way to live without my drug crutches!S.J., Italy


leafI thought I was pretty healthy, but deep down, I just felt like I was somehow broken. I had achieved so many things, had a beautiful home, a new fancy car and my own business. But in the relationship department, my life was a disaster. I thought I couldn’t live through one more heart break. Dr. Lisa took a good look at my life and pointed out so many things I was blind to. She coached me and even hypnotized me to reprogram the blocks to my happiness. Dr. Lisa had me declutter my house and sort through my clothes. Who knew these things in my home were keeping me chained to a miserable past. I learned how to clear out, clean out and get rid of, and as I did, things began to change for the better. I now have a big sparkly diamond ring on my finger and am engaged to a wonderful man. I couldn’t have done it without Dr. Lisa’s detective work in my life. I will be forever grateful to her!S.S., Florida


leafDon’t hesitate working with Dr. Lisa for one second! She is a walking Wikipedia on wellness. She will change your life and rock your world! She did mine!!” T. M.. London


leaf“My wife forced me to call Dr. Lisa. I really thought it was all a bunch of quackery because she was not a traditional medical doctor. It all seemed kind of witchy to me. But, I was desperate and my blood pressure was through the roof. I didn’t want to take all the meds for a lot of reasons. The more I listened to Dr. Lisa, the more I realized she knew her stuff way better than the traditional docs I had been listening to who only seemed to want to write a prescription. My blood pressure is back to normal, as long as I do what Dr. Lisa says. I lost a bunch of weight, too!” B.T., Florida


leafI couldn’t sleep, I was gaining weight for no reason and flying off the handle all the time. I thought I was too young to be facing menopause issues. Dr. Lisa explained the perimenopause mystery to me, and finally it all made sense. I felt empowered and began getting my hormones back in balance naturally. I started sleeping again and my moods stabilized. I even got my mojo back! Dr. Lisa helped me when others just thought I was crazy!!” M.N., Washington


leafI had suffered with eczema for years. Docs gave me steroids, and my skin only got worse. It was awful, my skin cracked and bled. I felt like a leper. They told me it was incurable. Dr. Lisa said, ‘we’ll see about that…’ She told me I was toxic and not digesting properly. Who would’ve thought toxins and poor digestion had anything to do with my skin problem? I hated the detox part, I felt awful for a while, but she explained that I would feel worse before I felt better as the toxins came out of my system, and she encouraged me to continue. My bloaty gut got smaller and smaller and my constipation went away for the first time in my life, and my eczema is GONE! Thank you so much, Dr. Lisa, you gave me my life back.” T.H., Florida


leafRUN, don’t walk…. Do everything Dr. Lisa tells you and she will change your life!!” S.A., Mexico