A recent study from Mayo Clinic by Dr. Joseph Murray showed that gluten intolerance is 4 times more prevalent with modern Americans than it was back in the 50’s. That’s a 400% increase!

Why is this? What the heck is going on and why the sharp rise in gluten sensitivity and intolerance?

First of all, this is a subject of hot controversy. You are going to find opposing opinions, and I have mine as well.  Here’s one perspective that strikes me as more than a coincidence…

The sharp rise in gluten intolerance directly corresponds to the rapid rise in the production of GMO grains. GMO’s are genetically modified organisms whose natural, genetic material has been artificially modified in a laboratory.

These “new” genes do NOT occur in nature. They are man made. Uh oh.

What’s the reason behind this? For one, these GMO’s stand up to an onslaught of herbicide and insecticide dousing. They seem to survive droughts better, too.

Great. Now we are producing “super weeds” and “super bugs” as a result of this increased use of pesticides.

The bottom line here is better yield. And, better yield equals more profit.

It always boils down to profit.

In the U.S., the same corporations that produced these GMO’s for their own profit also provided studies claiming their safety, which the government swiftly approved. Hmmm…. Isn’t it interesting that big business and government appear to be working together so nicely?

At the same time, around the world, over 60 countries have either banned or severely restricted GMO’s because they consider them unsafe.

These powerful biotecher’s in the U.S. also succeeded in their lobbying to the government to not have to label whether or not an item contains GMO’s. Fortunately, the non-profit, NON-GMO Project was formed to protect consumers and give them an informed choice.

Here is an alarming fact… 80% of conventionally processed foods now contain GMO’s.

The long term impact of GMO’s on our health is unknown. Unknown. And, now that these organisms have been released into the environment, there is no calling them back.

Now here’s the “gluten link” to what I believe is perhaps the greatest contributor to the sharp rise in gluten intolerance and sensitivities…

Gluten is difficult to digest under the best of circumstances, even when pure and organic. However, the gluten of GMO grains is NOT natural.

When a substance is not natural as nature made it, the body recognizes it as a foreign, toxic material. The body sees this chemically produced substance as an invader and the immune system is prompted into attack mode.

Toxic substances are culprits for causing inflammation in the body, and in this case in particular, inflammation in the gut. This leads to irritation of the intestinal wall and a susceptibility to disease manifestation.

All in the name of big business and profit. Remember, industry does NOT care about your health, they care about the bottom line.

Look for the NON-GMO Project label on all your food items to verify their safety from GMO’s. As these GMO products continue taking over our grocery shelves in the name of industry profit, your good health is dependent upon your prudent detective work on the items you purchase for consumption.

Since the long-term impact of GMO consumption is UNKNOWN, keep an eye on the ever increasing rise of gluten intolerance and come to your own conclusions for the sake of your own well being and that of your loved ones.

Gluten intolerance could be at the root of your problems since more than 55 diseases are linked to a problem with gluten.  If you would like help figuring out if this is at the core of your unhealthiness, click here to book a no obligation call with me for your Freedom from Gluten Intolerance Plan.  Why suffer when you don’t have to!

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  1. Hi Lisa.
    I have to say this is a brilliant article and one that applies to all of us who are out there in the supermarkets, trying to fill our trollies with healthy foods for our families.
    I am actually shocked by your article when you say up to 80% of conventionally processed foods contain GMO’s, and you’re right, it’s just for profit, for faster, cheaper food production with NO concern for us, the consumers. Thank you for your guidance on how we can avoid these health hazards. More please!

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