Dr. Dyer was one of my great life mentors. He was an amazing author and spiritual teacher. He taught me to go inside and reflect upon my own life and purpose for being here.

“Don’t die with your music still in you,” was one of his common quotes. It always made me stop and think…

Are you living the life you were born to live?

Some of us have never stopped long enough to contemplate this question. In fact, we sometimes do everything we can to avoid considering it.

We run on the treadmill day after day…

We take care of everyone else instead of prioritizing ME…

We collapse into bed at night exhausted from another day of multi-tasking…

And before we know it, we are in the “autumn” of our lives, as Dr. Dyer always talked about. The years have flown by. We feel our age in our body. But still…

Something else or someone else still comes first.

Our bodies are resilient and fragile at the same time. Years of neglect come with a price tag. That price tag is oftentimes our good health.

What we tend to discover the hard way is that running to the doctor or popping a pill doesn’t resolve our health problems. The aches and pains and complaints are trying to tell us something.

When we don’t “listen” the message gets louder. That little voice deep inside us has a message for you to hear.

Are you too busy to hear what your body is trying to tell you?

If you are, don’t worry, the message will get louder until you do listen. Sometimes that wakeup call comes in the form of receiving a serious or life-threatening diagnosis. Or experiencing a ground-shaking life event that is completely blindsiding. You just didn’t see it coming.

Dr. Dyer called this a quantum moment. This is the moment in your life when you shift out of the lie you have been living. Your denial shatters. In the blink of an eye, life looks different.

Living a life of purpose takes on a whole new meaning. What previously meant ambition and drive and focusing on others, now shifts into living in alignment with your purpose and your own happiness.

When you wake up to living a life of purpose, it takes work on your part to get into action and move towards self-awareness, emotional connectedness and spiritual growth.

It means prioritizing YOU.

When we prioritize our own needs and align with our purpose in life, this is when we can truly be of service to others. Often, this is just the opposite of how we have been living our lives before our quantum moment.

We thought taking care of everyone else first was the right thing to do.

We thought accumulating “stuff” would make us happy.

We thought something outside ourselves held the answers to our joy in life.

We thought wrong… Until we have our wake up call.

Life is our learning playground. Sometimes our lessons smack us right between the eyes to get our attention.

Seeking validation outside ourselves compromises our dignity, our morals and our values. Everything we need to be happy has been inside us all along.

Let life take you where you are destined to go. Get out of your own way.

One of the legacies Dr. Dyer left us is his movie The Shift. It is a message of the realization that everything you need is already within you.

I invite you to watch this wonderful and inspiring movie.

You may find that you have already moved into this phase of your life. Or, you may sense it is coming… Either way, this movie is one of hope and inspiration and living a life on purpose.

If you want true wellness in your life, it is a body/mind/soul experience. Living your life on purpose will nourish every level and move you toward the joy and vibrancy that is your birthright.

Unfortunately, most people need some kind of quantum moment to propel them into making a shift. However, what seems like a moment of desperation can turn out to be one of life’s gifts and a true blessing in disguise.

Dr. Dyer’s dream was to have 3 million people watch The Shift during his lifetime and shift into a life of meaning and purpose. So far, over a million have watched it, but we can celebrate Wayne’s life and legacy by reaching his 3 million goal in loving memory.


I would love to talk with you about YOUR shift.  Watch the movie and Book a Call with Me.  No obligation, let’s just talk.

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