It is very likely that unknowing consumers would never consume harmful “cultured” meats if they had any idea how they are made.

The fake meat industry claims to be environmentally friendly and sustainable as a way to feed the world. However, researchers at the University of California warn there are major environmental downsides to lab-grown meat.

They claim these fake meats produce up to 25 times more CO2 than traditional real meats, completely nullifying the false narrative of the cultured meat industrialists. According to the researchers’ studies, the climate impact of cultured meats is far greater than that of conventional beef, to the tune of 4 to 25 times more!

Even worse is learning how cultured meats are grown in the lab. Most fake meat companies use fetal bovine serums as the growth medium. Sadly, this is obtained from unborn calves that are cut out of the womb at slaughter, then drained of their blood while still alive.

As you can see from this awareness alone, the claims of cultured meat being animal-free or animal-cruelty-free are completely false.

It isn’t just humans who are being served up bioengineered lab grown meats. Our pets also need meats to survive, and don’t think for a second that they are being spared from the fake meat market.

Bond Pet Foods released cell cultured pet food in August 2023.

Joe Fessler, a contributing writer for Bloomberg, and leading investigative journalist, explained why fake meat companies are using “immortalized” cell lines for their products. To get cell cultures to grow at rates fast enough to power a business into profits, immortalized cell lines are used to manufacture cultured meats.

You see, normal meat cells don’t just keep dividing forever. Immortalized cell lines, however, replicate forever.

You know what else keeps replicating indefinitely..? Cancer cells.

This means these immortalized cells, in effect, are the equivalent of cancer cells.

Does this mean these replicating cells used to manufacture cultured meats can give you cancer?

We don’t know. The industries have no years of data to prove it doesn’t, and they are dodging the question altogether.

But, that’s not all you need to worry about. There are carcinogenic ingredients used in cultured meats to mimic the taste and texture of the real thing, but these can also cause significant health issues, like genetically modified yeast and soy that contain glyphosate, a known cancer-causing agent.

While cultivated meats have attracted billions of investor dollars, once we cut through the hype, there are major concerns with lab-grown meats.

Animal rights activists will have hopes dashed when they learn the truth of how fetal bovine serum is obtained for use in the culturing process.

In case the idea of cultured, fake, lab-grown meats doesn’t conjure up visions of a juicy steak at the dinner table, don’t worry, Bill Gates has another taste-tempting idea he’s pushing just as much as frankenmeats.

Edible bugs.  Oh yum!

But that’s another blog.

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