There is one great response when someone gives you a compliment.  Own it and say, “Thank you!”

Are you guilty of saying something like this when someone tells you  how pretty your blouse is?  “Oh, I’ve had this since high school.”  Or, “I found this on the close out rack at TJ Maxx for $3.99.” Or worse yet, “I picked this up at Goodwill for $2.” 

Why do so many of us discount and discredit a heartfelt compliment?  Do we think we don’t deserve it or that we are not worthy of receiving such kind words?  Start paying attention to how you respond to nice things people say to you.  Accept compliments, thank the person for acknowledging you, and leave it at that! 

Chopping down a compliment is an indicator that it is time for a self-esteem check.  Most times, when I point this out to someone who has just discredited a compliment I’ve given, the person is totally oblivious to what has just occurred.  I see that blank look and know the wheels are turning as this feedback is being processed and a new awareness is being brought to the surface. 

That’s what friends are for.  To support each other’s growth.  We all deserve to receive nice compliments and cherish the warm and fuzzy feeling that comes with them.  Own them.  Enjoy them.  Accept your compliments because you are worthy and deserving!

The next time someone says something nice to you, pause for a moment before responding.  Allow yourself to take it in and own it.  Stop yourself before you take away the compliment that was just given you.  Embrace it!  Bask in it!  And simply say, “Thank you!”

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