There is an easy, simple step to wellness that is often overlooked.


The important thing is…  you must start right now!

The only investment you need is a good pair of walking shoes.  Your goal needs to be 30 minutes of physical exercise per day, so if you miss a day, that’s an hour of walking the next day to make up for it.

Walking has innumerable benefits. 

It is great for the cardiovascular system and will help manage your blood pressure.  It makes your bones strong.  It is great for your mood and state of mind. 

Consider your walking course.  You will want to breathe deeply and oxygenate your body, so avoid areas with pollution.  Walking can be very meditative, so breathe in oxygen, exhale anxiety and stress.

Make sure you have a water bottle.  You can use a water bottle harness or lightweight backpack to keep your hands free because you need to swing those arms!

Now, there is a good procedure to follow:

1.      Stretch first.   Stand on one leg and point your toes, then flex.  Then make little ankle circles.  Now stand with legs hip width apart and reach up to the sky with one hand, then the other.  In this same stance, place hands on hips and twist your body to both sides.  Now place your arms straight out to the sides and make arm circles.

2.      Warm up.  Start walking slowly and gradually build up over the first 10 minutes to warm up your muscles.

3.      Pep step.  For 10 minutes, walk at a good clip to push your limits but don’t overdo it.  Swing those arms!  Your stamina and speed will quickly build up if you continue daily walking.

4.      Cool down.  For the last 10 minutes, gradually slow your pace to cool down.

5.      Stretch out.  After you finish walking, stretch out.  Stretch your calves—stand on your toes and lower one heel, hold and raise back up, then do other side.  Shin stretch—stand and touch one foot to ground with toes, roll foot forward, then do other shin.  Quadriceps stretch—stand and bring one foot up towards buttocks and grasp ankle to stretch quads, then do other side.  Bend over and reach for your toes.  Now reach for the sky and breeeeathe!

After you’ve had a brisk walk, drink up with fresh, purified water!

Flush those toxins!  Down a bottle of water and enjoy the good feeling of the good thing you have just done for yourself.

And tomorrow, do it all over again!

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  1. Nice post! A great way of exercising at the same time you are in touch with the environment.

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