If you ever received a diagnosis you never wanted, you may be asking yourself why you got sick to begin with. “Why me?” “What went wrong?”

Here’s the reality. Sickness is the result of toxic accumulation in the body over a period of time. It is NOT the result of aging, as we are often lead to believe.

Eventually, toxic poisoning of the body reaches a point where disease and symptoms set in.

Then, the treadmill of pharmaceuticals begins. Medications are given to turn off and suppress symptoms. Predictably, side effects from the meds occur. Now more scripts are given to deal with the side effects of the original medication.

Thing is, prescription medications are also toxic. Since nothing was done to resolve the underlying toxicity of the body that lead to the disease to begin with, matters just deteriorate and get worse.

Hope fades…

Does it make sense to add more chemicals to a body that already has toxic overload, that will ultimately accelerate the downward spiral of health breakdown?

Of course not.

You see, toxic accumulation in the body is a one-way street leading to disease. Suppressing symptoms with a lifetime of expensive medications with a long list of side effects is not the answer.

In order for the body to heal itself, it must be relieved from all the toxins and chemicals that have built up over time.

First, let’s look at where a lot of these toxins come from…

  • Drinking waters are contaminated with chlorine and fluoride
  • Personal care products are mostly comprised of petrochemicals
  • Household cleaning products are loaded with unregulated deadly poisons
  •  The air we breathe is polluted with smog, smoke, and industrial waste
  • Foods are sprayed with harmful pesticides and insecticides
  • GMO foods are loaded with cancer-causing glyphosate
  • Furniture and carpets are outgassing toxic fumes in your homes
  • Jet fuel and chemtrails are spraying into the air and falling on us
  • Foods are full of artificial flavorings, additives and MSG
  • Dental products are contaminated with fluoride
  • Artificial fragrances, colognes and perfumes are poisoning the air

I think you get my drift, and this is the short list. There is no escaping the toxic exposures we encounter every single day.

All these toxins are not normal in the human body. They are not meant to enter the system ever, but considering we will get exposures no matter what, our best defense is a well-functioning drainage and detoxification system.

Here is where it gets tricky. Mainstream medicine does not even acknowledge that such a system exists, but it most certainly does.

The drainage system is comprised of the…

• Colon
• Lymphatics
• Lungs
• Kidneys
• Skin
• Liver

So where do you begin when you know you are toxic.?

It all starts with the colon. This is your exit point, and a sluggish colon will lead to something called “autointoxication.”

This is where your waste elimination time is too slow, and feces remain in the colon for too long which causes toxic gases to form. Gases like methane and ammonia. These gases permeate your entire body, further toxifying all your tissues and body fluids.

The most common complaint I hear from clients is constipation. Many report a lifetime of it. Oh my. This means a lifetime of autointoxication, or self poisoning. These are the same clients who end up experiencing health breakdown.

Others think they are eliminating just fine but are shocked to learn the rule of thumb…

A healthy colon eliminates approximately 18” of stools daily.

I repeat… approximately 18” of feces must be eliminated daily.

It isn’t a matter of how many times you eliminate daily, it is a matter of how much and does it add up to about 18”. Your bowels must COMPLETELY empty during every 24 hour cycle, or you are retaining too long, reabsorbing toxins and creating poisonous gases from fermentation.

The longer your stools remain in the body, the more dehydrated they become since the fluids will reabsorb. Then stools get hard and shorter, worse case constipation is when you end up with fecal “berries.”

Healthy stools are soft, formed, and “fluffy.” Meaning, they still contain enough hydration for easy elimination. More hydration in your stools equates to bulky stools. 

Until this issue is resolved, and you become a champion pooper, other efforts to restore your health will stall out as you will continually accumulate toxins and overburden your organs of detoxification. The result is breakdown and the manifestation of disease.

There is much more to this process of creating a well-functioning drainage system, and cleansing organs out of order will lead to further illness. This is where skilled practitioners who understand the intricacies of the drainage and detoxification system and how to unclog it properly are invaluable guides on your health restoration journey.

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