If you have been chasing candida, trying to get it under control, taking Nystatin or other toxic anti-candida meds, you are going to continue going in circles like you’ve been doing and getting nowhere.


Because candida is NOT the problem. 

You heard right.

Here are the reasons…

  • We all have candida in our bodies and always will
  • It is meant to be there
  • It is a beneficial fungus
  • It aids in food digestion
  • It aids in absorption of nutrition
  • By itself, it is typically harmless

The problem is, candida is perceived incorrectly.  For far too long, it has been viewed as the enemy, as an issue in your body that must be doused.  So toxic medications are given.  Meds that cause other serious problems in the long run.

If these antifungals are not the answer to your health problems, why are they given in such abundance?  Consider this…  The global antifungal drug industry will top $11 billion in 2018.

Now, is it starting to make sense?  Don’t expect antifungal pushing to vanish anytime soon.  But, you can wake up to this problematic approach and take charge of your own health situation.

As long as you keep taking these toxic medications to control innocent candida, you will stay dizzy from chasing your tail and exacerbate further damaging issues to your wellness. 

What’s causing the damage to your body is not the candida.  The overgrowth of this fungus is trying to tell you something.  It has a message for you, and that message is this…

Houston, we have a problem!

You see, the candida that is meant to reside in your system harmlessly will flare out of balance when other conditions are present that are the real dangers to you.  When this occurs, candida will multiply in an attempt to save and protect you.

Candida is trying to gobble up things that support the bad guys…

  • Heavy metals
  • Bad sugars
  • Bad fats
  • Pesticides
  • Chemicals
  • Fast foods
  • Processed foods
  • Additives
  • Dyes
  • Get my drift?

In other words, candida is trying to manage other threatening problems and save you from factors that will do serious harm.  Problems that support the underlying root causes of your disease.

This is where it gets dicey because it seems everyone out there is viewing candida as the problem when, in fact, it is only the flailing red flag of the real problems that you need to address.

Battling candida is an antiquated approach that has outlived its time.

What has been proven time and time again is that chasing candida does not work.  You will never bring it “under control” because it is magnificently designed to recurringly flare whenever there is impending danger.

Candida has a job to do.  Its job is to save you from harm.  When it flares, it is trying to get your attention to recognize the deeper problems that are present in your system.

Fix these problems and the candida will magically return to normal levels and stay there.  Until or unless you need to be warned again of an impending threat when candida overgrowth will rear again like a flare going off to get your attention.

Before we go on, get this message straight—STOP CHASING CANDIDA! 

Now, if this makes your head spin, good.  We are getting somewhere and rattling a cage that needs to be rattled because there has been an incorrect perception of this harmless fungus for far too long that needs to be corrected.  Read on…

Well then, what is it that makes candida flare and send out a red alert…?

  • The presence of lingering pathogenic factors
  • Antibiotic use and overuse
  • Redundant antifungal use
  • Unhealthy foods
  • Adrenal flooding from stress factors
  • Emotional traumas and anxiety
  • Lack of restorative sleep
  • Heavy metals
  • Toxins

While it is easy for the doctors to test for candida, it is nearly impossible for them to test for the real culprits of the candida flare, especially when lingering pathogenic factors (LPF’s) are present (see THE CAUSE OF ALL DISEASE blogpost).

If your doctor says your problem is candida, the chances that he or she is mistaken are practically a given.

Candida also does not cause leaky gut.  Why?  Because leaky gut is another myth, but that’s another blogpost…

Candida belongs in the gut.  However, it can also show up in the liver, the spleen, the vagina, the bloodstream…  It really isn’t causing harm, but it can be masking what is prompting the overgrowth.

The real thing to look for is what is underneath all this yeast causing it to be so abundant.  When you do, you will be addressing the root cause of your illness.

Once you put an end to the real culprits, candida will naturally return to normal.

You. Don’t. Have. To. Do. A. Thing. About. Your. Candida.

It will resolve itself and return to normal levels when you have dealt with the reasons for the red alert.

But wait a minute, you say.  What if you followed an anti-candida diet, and it appeared to make a difference—your candida levels lowered (temporarily) and you felt better!

Sure!  Because you were eating healthier!  You ditched the sweets and carbs and unhealthy habits.  So, while your efforts were not in vain, they were not the solution.

Without realizing it, you were helping to treat the real problem, but not solving it because you were not dealing with it head on.  While healthy eating habits are an effective treatment and immune enhancer for the real illnesses that cause candida to waive a red flag alert in the first place, there are other direct approaches that must be enlisted to get the results you desire.

In THE CAUSE OF ALL DISEASE, you learned about LPF’s.  These are underlying culprits that can trigger a candida flare.

Here are a few common LPF’s that may be at the root of your illness…

  • Shingles
  • Streptococcus
  • H. pylori
  • Herpes family
  • C. difficile
  • Epstein Barr
  • Cytomegalovirus
  • Staph
  • E. coli
  • This is a long list…

Lab testing may or may not give you definitive results of the presence of these LPF’s.  That’s because they continually mutate into strains that labs do not have the ability to test for, and also, because it is impossible to keep up with the discovery of all the new strains.

If you want to heal from a candida flare…

  • Strengthen your defensive qi or immune system
  • Restore adequate hydrochloric acid levels in the stomach
  • Restore bile salt production by the liver
  • Destroy and eliminate LPF’s
  • Assist in reestablishing a healthy intestinal tract
  • Detoxify the liver
  • Cleanse the lymphatics
  • Get rid of the heavy metals
  • Heal your emotional wounds
  • Address the stress factors causing chronic adrenal flooding
  • Avoid antibiotics and antifungals like the plague

Remember, continued use of antibiotics and antifungals, also antivirals, will not only wipe out all the good bacteria in your gut and severely weaken your immune system, but will also create viruses, bacterias, and fungi that are highly resistant to these drugs.

These drug-resistant bugs will reproduce new generations of stronger strains that continue to weaken you further and manifest into additional diagnoses you don’t want.

If you would like to get off this endless, vicious loop to nowhere, you can.  But, you must change your strategy.

Leave candida alone.

Stop chasing the wrong issue.

Deal with the real underlying culprits.

Then, finally, you will see the return of your health you so rightly deserve.

If you would like to discuss getting off the vicious, crazy-making, candida-controlling loop you have been on, let’s talk about where you need to go from here.

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