None of us want to battle chronic illness.  When you are caught in its grip, it can hang over your entire life like a dark cloud.

No matter what you do, there it is.

No matter where you go, there it is.

No matter how you live, there it is.

“It” permeates every aspect of your life.  Little by little, your chronic illness engulfs you.

You find yourself at one of those crossroads in life.  One direction is the path of the complacent.  The other is the path of the warrior.

The complacent one goes to the doctor to get a diagnosis, then to the drug store to fill the script, and then to another doctor, and then back to the pharmacy to fill yet another script….  It’s a vicious cycle spiraling nowhere, but the complacent one has chosen to follow the doctor’s advice that the meds are the best and only option.

The warrior one may go to the doctor to get a diagnosis, then looks at the script as the doctor dashes out the door, but then decides to go home and think things through before deciding on the right personal course of action.

The warrior knows there is another way.

The warrior does the research to learn everything possible about the illness.

The warrior examines lifestyle habits that may have contributed to the development of the disease.

The warrior takes responsibility and begins making healthy changes to support the healing process.

The warrior begins to eat right, drink lots of pure water, cleanse the body, get adequate sleep, reduce stress factors, take many steps to support the body in healing.

But one thing often remains the same…

The warrior’s conversation about their illness.

You all know this person.  You see them coming and want to run away.  Why?  Because you’ve already heard their story about their illness like a broken record that plays over and over and over again, and you just don’t want to hear it again.

Sure, you empathize.  Who wouldn’t?  But, you just don’t want to hear the same story you’ve already heard before because it’s a downer.

You see, most warriors are trying to do everything right so they can get better.  But in spite of their best efforts to make the healthiest lifestyle changes, they often stay stuck in their disease.


Because their conversation about their illness has not changed.

They still see themselves as sick in spite of all their healthy changes. 

In spite of all their lifestyle improvements for the better, their self-talk has stayed the same, and they tend to repeatedly tell you their same sad story…

  • They’ve tried everything but nothing works
  • Their case is the most complicated
  • They are sicker than the next guy
  • They’ve spent a fortune and gotten no where
  • They are doomed because of their genes
  • They inherited their disease
  • Their symptoms are worse than anyone else’s
  • They live in fear of another flare
  • Their doctor said their disease is incurable

In other words, their conversation about their chronic illness is stuck in negativity.  Even though they may be doing everything right to get better, their negative self-talk is serving as a block to the wellness they desire.

It is very common to run into blocks on the healing journey.  If you can’t figure out why you are still sick in spite of your best efforts, have you examined your own thoughts and statements about your illness for any negative beliefs that might be holding you back from achieving the wellness that is your birthright?

Do you believe you can heal?

Do you only speak positively about your wellness journey?

Do you visualize yourself getting well?

Do you embrace the body’s infinite healing ability?

Do you believe diseases can be healed?

Our bodies obey our thoughts.  In other words, if your thoughts are negative, negative results persist.  If your thoughts are positive, positive results manifest.

What are you affirming for yourself?

“BUT BUT,” you say, what if you really and truly just don’t believe you can get well? How can you speak truthfully and positively about your healing process if you just don’t believe it is possible to get better?

Fake it till you make it!

That’s right.  Change your conversation TODAY into a positive one.

Eliminate all negative statements about your health.

Stop all self-talk that puts you down.

Refuse to speak again in a way that reinforces and gives strength to your illness.

In other words, shift your negative self-talk into positive affirmations…

  • “I eat nutritious foods that nourish my body and make it stronger.”
  • “I make healthy lifestyle choices that support my body’s ability to heal.”
  • “Having a bad day just means many good days are coming up.”
  • “Healing is a journey, and I am in the process.”
  • “My body’s healing ability can conquer any disease with the right support.”

I think you get my drift.

Listen to your words.  They are the driver of your reality. 

Take a stand against negative statements that will perpetuate negative outcomes.

Change your conversation into positive affirmations that will manifest positive results.

Throw out all those negative, broken-record comments that no longer serve you in your healing journey.

Find something to be positive about every day and focus on it.

Affirm you can heal because, hey, your body just might believe you!

  1. Even though I thought myself a warrior, your article woke me up to how much negative talk I am doing. I so appreciate your wise advice and will make the changes I need. Thank you.

  2. I speak positive words to myself all the time. I am a Reiki Master and when I do a Reiki treatment, I speak positive words (under my breath, of course)about their healing. By the time the treatment is completed, they most often have feel a sense of wellness. Once in a great while, without thinking, I make a negative statement, but I immediately correct it by making a positive statement and repeating it several times. I also encourage my clients to speak positively. Thank you Sandra for your comment. You are on the right track! Go Girl!

  3. Positive Thinking is the way to heal………I am a board-certified nutritional practitioner, and when I suggest some positive things to my clients, they go on and on about how sick they are.

    But when I get a client to change how they think and use positive affirmations, their health improves

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