At some time in Your life, you likely experienced an exposure to mold.  Maybe you didn’t think much of it at the time, and you probably blew it off as insignificant.

BUT, mold exposures don’t just go away.  They can fester for decades.

It’s possible your mystery complaints are actually mold illness that doctors miss.

Have you ever…?

  • Lived in a home that had black mold here and there on the walls
  • Worked in an office that had a musty smell
  • Attended a school that had stale smelling air
  • Experienced a flood in your home that soaked the carpet
  • Discovered wet rotting wood underneath vinyl flooring
  • Had a long term roof leak that damaged the wood underlayment
  • Lived in a home with a damp basement
  • Taken down a shower curtain that was speckled with grungy black spots
  • Thrown out a sofa because it stunk
  • Washed your clothes because they got mildew hanging in a closet
  • Been told your heating and air vents were full of dust and mold
  • Noticed your old books had a musty odor
  • Seen mold specks on the cloth seats in your car
  • Eaten lots of moldy foods like peanuts, corn, dried fruits, spices

I think you get my drift.  The point is, molds and mold spores are everywhere.  There is just no way to avoid them.  But, let’s take a look at what mold actually is and why we need to be worried about it.

In short, mold is a fungus.  It grows all over the place, both inside and out.  It requires moisture to grow and thrive, so it loves damp, humid places. 

There are dozens, no, make that hundreds of different varieties of molds.  The bad news is, all of these molds are pathogens.  In other words, they are toxic to the body.

However, not all molds are created equal.  Some are more toxic than others, and some are downright deadly.

Different factors are involved in determining just how toxic a mold exposure is…

  • First of all, how strong is your immune system in being able to defend you
  • How many underlying health conditions do you have
  • What is the particular strain of mold
  • How long has the exposure been
  • How potent is the exposure

To make matters worse, molds reproduce by their spores.  These are like mold seeds that can literally blow through the air, both inside and out.  So even though your home might be mold free, you could be inhaling spores that are blowing in from some mold infestation outside.

The really bad news about molds are the toxins their spores produce.  Imagine mold as a microscopic organism that produces waste.  This waste is called a mycotoxin, and it is seriously toxic.  In fact, mycotoxins are some of the most dangerous  and carcinogenic toxins found in nature.

Even worse, mycotoxins are very resilient, meaning, they are very difficult to destroy.  They can survive extremely high heats, and even at temperatures of 500+ degrees, it requires extended periods of time to destroy them.  Even many of the air filters used are completely ineffective.

Now, here is what you need to understand when it comes to molds and your health.  The mold itself is not such a worry.  But, the toxins from the spores are something to keep you awake at night.

What do you think happens when you inhale mold spores that are in the air?  They set up shop in your body and begin producing mycotoxins.

This is where your health troubles begin.  Remember, I said mycotoxins are resilient?  This means they can last for years.  Once spores are inhaled, your body becomes a mycotoxin producing machine.

Depending on the strength of your vital force, and all the other factors mentioned, these mycotoxin poisons can have a devastating effect on your health.  

Thing is, oftentimes people don’t connect the dots…

  • You are tired all the time
  • You have unexplained rashes or skin conditions
  • You developed one or more autoimmune condition
  • You suffer with brain fog and poor memory
  • You don’t get well in spite of trying everything
  • You are on a downward cycle of breakdown with your health

Most times, people think an old mold exposure from the past is a nonissue today because there is no longer a mold exposure happening.  But guess what?  That moldy office you worked in 20 years ago may have been the beginning of the downfall of your health.

The point I’m trying to make is, ANY past mold exposure could be affecting your health in a detrimental way TODAY.  If you are struggling with your health and seem to be going in circles, have you ever had a past mold exposure that has not been dealt with?

If that mycotoxin factory in your body is not destroyed and detoxed, you can struggle for years and wonder why you just don’t get well.  It takes specific steps that are dependent on each individual case, and in the right order, for you to recover your health.

The good news is, YOU CAN get your health back if your health practitioner is a health detective and checks for mycotoxin poisoning, then creates a strategy specific to your case to turn your situation around and get you on the healing road.

If you are struggling with your health, feel like you take 2 steps forward and 3 steps back, I ask you this crucial question, “Have you ever in your life had a significant mold exposure that you have disregarded, thinking it was no longer a threat?”

Getting to the bottom of whether or not mycotoxins are underlying your health problems could be where your healing journey begins to finally turn your situation around.


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