Most people have no idea that the spices, seasonings, and herbs they are eating in their foods have been blasted with a highly toxic radioactive substance called cobalt-60.  The FDA currently supports the use of cobalt-60 culled from nuclear reactors on the use of all domestically produced conventional foods “for your safety.” 


You heard right.  Those spices in your kitchen cabinet and in the foods you are eating in restaurants have more than likely been blasted with HALF A BILLION CHEST X-RAY’S WORTH OF GAMMA RADIATION, clearly publicized by the USDA and FDA. 

And here you thought they were looking out for your health…

To make matters worse, spices, seasonings and herbs that have been irradiated do not require specific labeling informing the consumer.

Is ignorance really bliss?  When it comes to preserving your good health, NOT!

Irradiation is very irresponsibly promoted as being safe for foods.  It seems to me that everything today is being touted as safe because whatever toxic substance is in “such small amounts as to not be harmful.” 

But, if everything we are putting into our bodies contains a small amount of highly toxic material, don’t you think it starts to add up?  It spells toxic overload in your system leading to life-threatening diseases. 

The body simply cannot function properly when it is overburdened with deadly toxins year after year…  it is no wonder the cancer rates are soaring.

So why oh why is the FDA “protecting” us by nuking our foods?  They say it is an added layer to wipe out bacteria, parasites, and other potential pathogens that may be lingering in the food.  Is this a convenient out for food manufacturers who are operating under filthy conditions? 

If the food is going to be nuked anyway, why adhere to stringent sanitary conditions?  In other words, irradiation is a very effective cover up for turning a blind eye on filthy and disgusting conditions in slaughterhouses and food processing plants.

The solution to this problem lies in protecting contamination at the source—on the farm, during processing and shipping—not by nuking foods with radiation later to wipe out pathogens. 

There shouldn’t be E. coli in your lettuce or salmonella in your poultry to begin with!  A batch of contaminated peppers can make people sick across an entire nation, and tracing the problem back to the source can be daunting, if not impossible.

Even so, the solution is NOT to nuke the foods to make them “safe.”  They should be sanitary and safe from the get-go.  This is why it is so crucial to consider the source of your foods. 

If you see clues like “food additive” or “pasteurization” on your labels, it is safe to assume they have been blasted with the same death rays generated by thermonuclear warfare to destroy life.

Meats, poultry, eggs, fresh produce, spices, seasonings, wheat, all of these are approved by the FDA for irradiation.  Most require labeling, “treated by irradiation,” or the use of the international symbol for irradiation. 

Unfortunately, spices, seasonings and herbs slip through the cracks on this requirement.

Make certain your spices are non-irradiated.  Look for organic to be safe.  Shop for locally grown and certified organic foods.   Foods from a local farm are unlikely to be irradiated, so start supporting your local farmers’ markets. 

Getting your foods from these small scale but high quality sources is one of the simplest and easiest ways to enjoy unadulterated foods while safeguarding your health and supporting your local farmers.

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Dr. Lisa

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