So often, distressed clients come to me and say, “I have always been healthy, my autoimmune diagnosis (or whatever dreadful recent diagnosis) came out of nowhere.”

We do not go from radiant health to serious illness overnight.  Any chronic disease diagnosis takes YEARS to manifest to the point of having a symptom. 

Those recoiling from a recent diagnosis commonly do not understand the disease development process.  It goes like this…

  • Consider your health as a timeline which progresses from radiant health early in your life until death. 
  • First, you silently have a cell malfunction due to many factors such as poor nutrition, toxicity in the body or unhealthy lifestyle habits such as smoking, drinking or eating junk food. 
  • This cell malfunction continues until it eventually advances into abnormal cell formation. 
  • Over the next 5, 10 or 20 years or more, this abnormal cell development persists until a symptom of disease manifests such as blood in the stools, chronic cough, or chest pain which is serious enough to land you in the doctor’s office.
  • The devastation and shock follows when you receive your scary diagnosis.

Your lifestyle choices generally contribute to disease development over many years.  You support this process through unhealthy habits that unknowingly result in the manifestation of disease.

If you are honest, most of the time, you knew on some level that you were not encouraging radiant health in the way you were living.  You took your vulnerable human body for granted until your world turned upside down with a frightening diagnosis. 

Oftentimes, you are so scared at that point that you are willing to consider anything to turn things around…  Even resorting to an alternative practitioner for guidance because you desire a solution other than the often frightening options that traditional medicine offers.

For many, this is where the journey of health restoration begins.  Without taking proactive steps to halt degeneration, the next stage of disease development, after symptoms manifest and you receive your dreaded diagnosis, is death!  

The journey of restoring health begins when the degenerative process is halted and turned around in the direction of regeneration through healthy lifestyle changes.

There are times when clients do not want to make the necessary, healthy changes.  Restoring your health requires that you accept responsibility for your health.  Many want a magic bullet or pill that does not exist.  However, for those who hear the wakeup call and are willing to do whatever it takes, healing can often occur.

Healing is a journey.  It takes time to restore radiant health after years of abusing your body, just as the development of disease takes time. 

The progressive disease process can often be halted and reversed from degeneration to one of regeneration by making lifestyle changes in support of wellness.  The first step is taking a good look within and assessing your current state.

Which way are you headed…  breakdown or restoration?

You can take advantage of a complimentary one-time consultation with me for a closer look at your health situation.  This is my gift to you and there is no obligation.  BUT, these calls are very limited, so grab a time while still available.

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