Would you go to a dentist to fix your broken toe? Of course not!  Would you go to a surgeon for mental health counseling?  Of course not! 

Would you go to a traditional medical doctor for nutritional and supplement advice? I hope not!  They can write a prescription, recommend surgery, and order lab work, but you will see the look of horror on their faces if you walk in with a bag of supplements and start asking lots of questions.

I have had many heart-to-heart conversations with countless traditional medical doctors over the years.  The honest docs admitted to their fears of patients who began asking them about healthy eating and which vitamins and herbs to take. 

One medical doctor confided that in all her years of medical training and internship, she only received 4 hours of education in nutrition.  Her biggest fear every day was the patient who began firing away the questions about supplementation.  She said her typical response was, “don’t take them and just eat a good diet,” merely because she didn’t know how to advise.  Plus, she had no idea which vitamins and herbs were contraindicated with various prescription drugs.

To be clear, medical doctors shine in their area of expertise.  When it comes to an emergency, they are tops. Just don’t assume they know about nutrition.  

A medical doctor who is also an expert in healthy eating and nutritional supplementation is a rare diamond in the rough.

Things are changing in healthcare.  More consumers are demanding alternative options to prevent disease and restore health rather than opting for toxic drugs and surgeries.  Traditional doctors are being forced to learn about healthy living as more of their patients want healthy answers.

Make sure the healthcare practitioner you turn to for nutrition, supplementation, and healthy living advice is well trained and experienced in achieving radiant wellness through healthy lifestyle habits. 

Ask around for referrals for leading edge practitioners who can serve as your guide in empowering you with the knowledge you need for a lifestyle of good health.

Don’t be afraid to ask about their training and experience.  How much education did they receive in healthy eating and supplementation and how experienced are they in this area.

You will know by the response if you have the right doc.  Trust your instinct.  Keep looking until you find the right guide for you!

YOU CAN turn your health around and feel great!

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