Would you go to a dentist to fix your broken toe?  Then don’t go to traditional medical doctors for help with vitamins and nutrition.  It isn’t their forte.  They can write a prescription, they can recommend surgery, they can order lab work, but you will see the look of horror on their face if you walk in with a bag of supplements and start asking lots of questions.

During my years of schooling in alternative medicine, I conversed with many traditional medical doctors.  The honest ones admitted to their fear of patients who began asking them about healthy eating and which vitamins and herbs to take.  One medical doctor confided that in all her years of training and internship, she only received 4 hours of education in nutrition, and her biggest fear every day was the patient who began firing away the questions about supplementation.  She said her typical response was, “don’t take them and just eat a good diet,” merely because she just didn’t know how to advise, plus she had no idea which vitamins and herbs were contraindicated with various prescription drugs.

Now, medical doctors shine in their specialty of expertise.  Just don’t assume they know about nutrition.   If you have a doctor who has been specifically trained in dietary guidelines, that’s another story and the kind of physician who is versed in this area and who can advise you.

Things are changing in healthcare.  More and more patients are turning to alternative medicine to prevent disease and restore health rather than opting for toxic drugs and surgeries.  Traditional doctors are being forced to learn about healthy living as more and more of their patients demand alternative options to support the body in the healing process.

Make sure the healthcare provider you turn to for nutrition and healthy living advice is well trained and experienced in achieving radiant health through good lifestyle habits.  Ask around for referrals to leading edge practitioners who can serve as your coach in empowering you with the knowledge you need for a lifestyle of good health.

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