If you received a diagnosis you never wanted, you are probably wondering, “Why me?”

Maybe everything was going along just fine.  You were living your life and trying to do the right thing, until all of a sudden, symptoms started happening that sent you to the doctor to find out what was going on.

No doubt your doctor ordered some tests and wanted to see you again once the results came back.  That’s when the bomb dropped, and you got a diagnosis label slapped on you.

Likely, you walked out of the doctor’s office in a state of confusion with a prescription or two and an appointment down the road for follow up of your medication progress.

By the time you returned, maybe some things were better and other things worse.  New symptoms…  Where did these come from…?

Side effects.  From the original medications.

This time, you walked out of the doctor’s office with yet another prescription or two to manage side effects, along with another appointment down the road to again monitor your multiple medication progress.

Is this beginning to sound like a vicious cycle going nowhere?

And this is if you were lucky, and your doctor was able to pinpoint your ailment on the first go round.  But, what if your tests were inconclusive, and your doctor was still clueless about your symptoms…

More tests.  Referrals to specialists.  Even more tests and new medications.

Maybe the new doctors failed to cross reference your original prescriptions from other doctors, and you started experiencing symptoms from things like overmedication or contraindications from mixing the wrong meds together.

Meanwhile, you don’t feel any better than when this mess started.  In fact, maybe you feel worse.

All you want to do is feel better.  Now, I ask you…  Does any of this process sound like you are healing your body of whatever malady has manifested?

No.  Of course not.

This is because prescription drugs focus on suppressing symptoms, not healing underlying causes why the problem started to begin with.

To truly heal disease, you must address the underlying issues that caused your body to malfunction and develop symptoms in the first place. 

Breakdown of your health is a silent process that can takes years to show up, all the while, you have no idea your health is breaking down until that fateful day when the nightmare started with the first symptom.

I want to tell you about a very wise doctor who was way ahead of his time.  Dr. John Tilden wrote a book called Toxemia Explained in 1926.

In his book, he explained key pieces about why we get sick and how we heal…

  • Day to day living produces waste products in our body
  • These toxins MUST be eliminated via your drainage system
  • This system gets sluggish because the amount of waste is more than the system can flush
  • As a results, toxins “spill over” outside the drainage system
  • Toxic accumulation occurs in places like organs, muscles, joints
  • Eventual organ and gland function becomes compromised
  • Lack of energy results from this constant state of stress in your body
  • Normal activity breaks down
  • Toxic overload results in chronic diseases and eventual cancers

In a nutshell, Dr. Tilden was saying that toxic overload results in a downward spiral of health breakdown, and is the underlying cause of disease. 

If your body cannot flush the toxins out, there is a decreasing energy to remove them, until your body crashes and disease results.

Now, keep in mind that Dr. Tilden authored his book in 1926.  He was raging then about the commercial denaturing of foods and chemical pollutants in the world.

Fast forward to the 21st century.  Welcome in the world of GMO’s, chemtrails, MSG, artificial sweeteners, fake foods, genetic injections, just to name a few.

Dr. Tilden is surely rolling in his grave.

The point is, if toxemia was a problem then, imagine the magnitude of its affect today.  All of these factors of our modern day world are compounding the problem of toxic overburden in our body, the very thing Dr. Tilden expressed was the cause of all disease.

He was steadfast in his belief that medical thinking of his time had lost its way.  For 50 years, he prescribed no medicine to his patients as he guided them to wellness.

With all this in mind, ponder this question…  How well is your drainage system working to eliminate all the toxins of the 21st century that surely played a huge role in that diagnosis you received??

Fact is, most people don’t even know what the drainage system is.  It is comprised of the colon, lymphatics, liver, lung, skin, and kidneys, and restoring optimal function to your toxin elimination system is a key part of getting your health back.

Knowing what steps to take to cleanse your body properly is critical.  Restoration must be done in the correct order, or you can get sicker.

But taking the right steps, in the right order, can return you to a regenerative state where you feel like your old self again, and your symptoms melt away.

And who doesn’t want that?


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