If you have ever been diagnosed with high cholesterol, you know all about the fear that sets in.  Mainly, you start worrying that you could have a heart attack or a stroke.

Excessively high cholesterol is reason to be scared.

Your doctor scribbles out a prescription for a statin drug and hands it to you before rushing out the door.

Alone in the examination room, you think, “Oh nooo…”  You’ve heard about these drugs and hoped it would never happen to you.

You get that sinking feeling in your gut that the nightmare has started. 

Statin drugs are basically a life sentence.  They are very expensive and addictive because they create a drug dependency that spirals you into a nonstop roller coaster ride, plus they are almost impossible to quit once you get caught up in the vicious cycle.

Your doctor experiments on you with one drug after another looking for the magic bullet (that doesn’t exist).

The problems and side effects begin.

Next, your doctor gives you another drug to counteract your side effects.  When new side effects develop from the drug that is supposed to control the side effects from the first drug, yet another drug is given to counteract the problem for the drug that is supposed to counteract the side effects of the drug that is supposed to treat the cholesterol.

Can you see the insanity in this?

Before you know it, you can end up with an arsenal of prescription bottles for your cholesterol problem.

The bottom line is, statins are very dangerous and toxic drugs.  The side effects are a long list.  Consider these…

  • Muscle pain
  • Muscle weakness
  • Muscle wasting
  • Neuropathy
  • Brain fog
  • Memory loss
  • Fatigue
  • Diabetes risk
  • Liver damage
  • Digestive problems
  • Skin rashes

Oftentimes, your doctor will skip telling you this part about all the frightening side effects.  But, you might be informed that you will need statin drugs the rest of your life.

You tell yourself aging is a bitch.

If you try and discuss the dangers of statins with your doctor, he will scare the pants off you by saying that you are facing a life-threatening heart attack or stroke if you don’t take them.

If you ask if there are any natural ways of handling this, your doctor looks at you like you are from planet Jupiter.

Out of fear and not knowing what else to do, you head to the pharmacy like a prescription-filling robot.

Afterall, if your doctor says you need to do this, then that is what you should do, right?  Your doctor knows best, right?

You tell me.  Does any of this sound like a great solution to your cholesterol problem?

Not unless you like dangerous and expensive drug roller coaster rides and side effects from hell.

Now listen closely…

Natural approaches to high cholesterol offer the real solution that you want.

This is SO important, let me say this another way…

Drugs for high cholesterol are DANGEROUS compared to the amazing restorative power of natural strategies.

AND…  There are NO side effects to these natural solutions!  Just a return to balance in the body and a return to wellness with cholesterol levels that will make your doctor want to know what you are doing (maybe he or she wants off statin drugs, too).

Here’s a cold hard fact that you need to understand…

It is much easier for a doctor to prescribe a money making drug than it is to teach you how to live a healthy lifestyle so your cholesterol levels can correct themselves.

And even more sad is the reality that most traditional doctors are clueless about how to accomplish the natural return to healthy cholesterol  levels and may even be on a statin roller coaster ride themselves. Doctors are not taught how to restore health problems in school–they are taught how to prescribe drugs that will manage the problems.

If you really want to see your doctor flee the room in record time, ask him for some healthy advice on how to restore your cholesterol levels naturally without using statin drugs.

If people were just taught health restoration there would be no market for statin drugs.  Not a single person would need these dangerous side-effect-producing drugs at all.

Let that soak in for a minute…

So then why are statins being used so much?  Why does it seem everyone is taking them?  Why are they so popular if there is a healthy way to deal with managing cholesterol levels?


They are hyped and marketed heavily by the pharmaceutical and big companies that own the patents on them.

 It. Is. All. About. Money.

The pharmaceutical industry does not give one hoot about your wellness.  Their goal is to sell drugs. 

And if that means hyping up dangerous drugs that make big bucks, that is exactly what they are going to do.

Times are changing.  People like you are getting fed up with the status quo.

The light bulb is coming on that there is another way when it comes to having good health besides the hype big industries are trying to sell you.

That better way has nothing to do with taking dangerous drugs.

The journey to good health is all about supporting the body, making necessary lifestyle changes, and watching your own healing ability kick in.  You just need to learn how.


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