By now, we all know about the dangers of glyphosate.  We have also learned that it has been proven in a court of law to cause cancer.

We know we need to avoid all GMO foods in order to avoid glyphosate.  But did you know there is yet another deadly toxin in those GMO foods that is rarely talked about?

In fact, it is every bit as bad, or worse, than glyphosate.  The damage it causes to your intestinal tract is nothing short of devastation.

The toxin I’m talking about is…  BT toxin.

Say what…??

That’s right.  Bacillus thuringiensis (BT) is a bacteria that is lurking in your GMO foods.

Worse yet, even if you buy non-GMO, you may still be getting BT toxin sprayed on your foods to kill insects.  That is, unless you buy organic.

So, what is this diabolical toxin, and why isn’t everyone talking about it if it is so harmful to you?

In short, it is a biological weapon against insects.  And, like anything else that lines the pockets of money-hungry industrialists, suppression of the truth of what they are doing to your foods that is so detrimental to your health is the name of their game.

Let’s break this down so you can get your head around this lab-created bacteria that is in the same family as anthrax…

BT toxin is the most widely used pesticide.  It kills bugs, and it isn’t pretty what it does to them.

It can be sprayed on crops as an insecticide, OR it can be genetically added to the DNA of a plant.  In other words, BT toxin can be spliced into GMO crops like corn and cotton.

Then, the bug eats the BT toxin-containing corn, for example.  Because it is a very aggressive toxin, it damages cell membranes.

And get this…  It mercilessly kills insects by literally causing their stomachs to burst.  Goodnight Irene.

Industrialists love BT toxin because it is cheap to produce, and it is highly effective.  It is a potent insecticide that punches holes in any insect’s digestive system that consumes it.

Now, let that sink in for a minute…

Do you think that any insecticide with this kind of “punch” just might be harmful to humans as well?

You’d better believe it.

BT toxin has been patented as an antibiotic.  The very term antibiotic means “against life.”  And this chemical will kill and destroy other microbes.

Are you starting to get worried…?  You should.

BT toxin exposure is not limited to raw fruits and vegetables.  Add to that rice, beans, legumes, pretty much all your grains as well.

But wait, doesn’t that mean the livestock will eat the grains containing the BT toxin?  The same livestock you end up purchasing at your local meat section of the grocery stores?

Now, you are catching on…  It pretty much ends up in everything.  Including the waters from the run-off of crop spraying.

BT toxin also punctures holes in human cells, too.  When you consume a food containing this microbe killer, imagine what it does to your healthy gut flora.

It annihilates it.  Even healthy gastric juices don’t break it down.  It is resilient.

Not only does it destroy your good gut bacteria, but it damages the microvilli that line the intestinal tract.  It flattens these little “fingerlike” thingies causing significant damage to the intestinal wall.

Further, it clogs the space between the villa causing a major absorption issue.  Once it permeates down to the intestinal wall, it allows large food particles to get into the bloodstream.

It also interferes with the digestion of proteins, causing them to putrefy.  Putrefication causes the formation of unhealthy gases like methane that result in bloating and gas.

It also destroys enzymes that further slow the good, healthy digestive process.

But, perhaps the most frightening thing of all is the proliferation that occurs once BT toxin takes up residency in your gut.  Remember, it is a bacteria, and bad bacteria multiply.  This turns your gut into a BT toxin-producing machine.

The presence of BT toxin in your body will trigger an unhealthy immune response which can directly result in the development of gluten or other food sensitivities.

Since BT toxin is genetically spliced into the dna of crops, it cannot be washed off.  It has become a part of the plant that you will consume.

And that cotton that is loaded with BT toxin…?  What happens when that cotton fabric is next to your skin?  The heat of your body warms the fabric and releases this deadly toxin for absorption directly through your skin.

Are you convinced yet of the need to buy only organic foods AND organic clothing?  Sure you will pay more, but you pay now to preserve your health, or you pay dearly later when your health breaks down.

Since there is no escaping exposure to BT toxin in today’s world, in spite of your best efforts, you must continually cleanse.  Afterall, you take your car in for regular oil changes, doesn’t your body deserve the same care?

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